Premature Ejaculation App Helping Men Last Longer

A new app, going by the name Pea, is now giving men suffering from erectile dysfunction a new ray of hope. The app gives the user a training course on how to save themselves from the embarrassment of premature ejaculation.

Uncontrolled ejaculation either before or a few moments after sexual penetration is referred to as premature ejaculation and affects many men of all ages at least once in their lifetime. It occurs before the person wishes and with minimal sexual stimulation. It is the most common form of sexual dysfunction and is caused by many different factors. As a result, sex may be unsatisfactory for both partners.

Causes of Premature Ejaculation

PE can be caused by psychological and biological causes. Psychological causes include anxiety, guilt or depression while biological causes include higher than normal penis sensitivity or reduced serotonin levels in the brain. A doctor may, however, require lab tests in order to find out the specific cause of PE as it may vary from one man to another.

Interestingly, there are some people who believe that uncircumcised men have a higher chance of getting premature ejaculation as opposed to those who are circumcised. This is attributed to the perception that those who are circumcised at a young age have their penis exposed to constant rubbing which slowly decreases the sensitivity of the penis hence reducing the likelihood of having PE. This, however, is just a myth.

 Treatments Available for PE

In some cases, treatment for premature ejaculation may not be necessary as it may go away on its own. However, relaxation techniques or distraction methods may be used to slow down ejaculation. This may include finding out the sensations that lead up to ejaculation and learning how to control them. In addition, communication during sex with a partner may slow down ejaculation. Use of condoms as well as trying out different positions may also help in stopping premature ejaculation.

Cutting down on alcohol, illegal drugs or cigarette smoking helps some men improve their control of ejaculation. There are however antidepressant medicines that are sometimes used to treat PE. Clomipramine and paroxetine are such medications used because of their inhibited orgasm side effect that helps delay ejaculation. Creams, gels and sprays can also be used to treat the condition. They are applied to the penis just before sex and therefore people do not like using them so much because of the effect they can have on a man’s sex partner further reducing stimulation during sexual intercourse.

A Different Kind of Treatment

Interestingly, a man that was once affected by premature ejaculation has created an application aimed at helping men with this issue. The name of the application is Pea and it is designed by Brennen Belich.

How does the Application Work?

The app works by educating men through a section called “Learn why you Prejack”. It includes lessons on Kegel training, arousal control and training on masturbation. At a cost of $1.85, individuals can download the application on iOS and get help in the comfort of their homes. The application is just one of the many ways in which men are trying to find answers to how to deal with premature ejaculations.

New methods of treating health issues are always welcome. The jury on this app is still out there but we’re definitely curious to see the results!