Stay Safe: How to Get Tested For STIs with Your Partner

Sexually active people have a high chance of contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD) at some point in their lives. More than half of Americans are reported to get an STD at least once in their lifetime according to the American Sexual Health Association.

The numbers might be challenging but the good news is that most STIs are treatable. Due to the stigma that still surrounds people with STIs, people, especially those who are dating, might find it difficult to talk about STIs. Regardless, it is important for couples to talk about sexual health with their partners especially if one has a history of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

Despite the negative connotation given to STIs, some open-minded and sex-positive people are helping to raise awareness about STIs and their consequences while encouraging couples to deal with their sexual wellbeing together. Shannon Boodram and Jared Brady posted a video of themselves on YouTube on World Aid’s Day last year showing the process of doing an at-home STI test together. The two took the test and posted it in conjunction with, a service that delivers at home STD tests confidentially and at a low cost. The service also gives away free tests to those who use the hashtag #GoGetTested.

Highlights of the Video

For a couple to take an STI test together is no easy fit. It takes a lot of respect and love for both to do such a thing and post it for everyone to see. But it also proves that the couple is mature enough to take sexual health seriously.

The STI Kit Test

The test takes care of seven of the most common STIs; trichomoniasis, syphilis, chlamydia, hepatitis C, HIV, gonorrhoea and herpes. It comes with a male and a female test with the male test including a blood and urine test while the female test includes a swab and blood collection.

The kit comes with instructions on how it works and what to do. For instance, ladies are required to take a swab in their vagina while gentlemen are required to urinate in a cup.

For you to get the results, you have to package the tests in the provided FedEx Clinical Park and drop it off at your nearest FedEx. You will then have your results after 5 working days.

Importance of Talking about STIs with your Partner

Though it may sometimes come off as embarrassing, the willingness to discuss such matters with your partner will show a level of trust. You do not have to do a home test; you can get the tests at STD clinics. However, a home test done together could be a way to break the ice and start the conversation. A test also gives way for couples to plan for their future such as preventing or planning on pregnancy, preventing STIs and having a wonderful sex life without fear of diseases or infections.

Testing may not be a fun-filled activity, but it equally important to know if you have any STIs or if your partner has by testing. After all, prevention is indeed better than cure.