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Hepatitis B Singapore: Hepatitis B is an infection of the liver caused by the Hepatitis B virus.

Hepatitis B infection is caused by the Hepatitis B virus and is usually screened for by detecting HBsAg in the blood. Immunity may be discerned by detecting HBsAb, and if absent, the Hepatitis B vaccine or Twinrix® vaccine may be given.

  • The hepatitis B virus is 100 times more infectious than HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, and infects about 10 times more people than HIV worldwide.
  • Hepatitis B virus infects the liver, and more than 350 million people in the world are lifelong hepatitis B virus carriers.
  • Long-term hepatitis B virus infection causes at least one million premature deaths every year from cirrhosis of the liver or liver cancer. It is second only to tobacco as the leading cause of cancer in humans.
  • Among the Hepatitis B carriers, 25% will develop serious liver diseases, including chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis, and hepatocellular carcinoma.
  • The hepatitis B virus can be passed from an infected mother to her baby during childbirth, 1 in 20 Singaporeans are chronically infected with hepatitis B virus.

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A National Strategy on the Elimination of Hepatitis B & C: Phase Two Report Release
Wed, 22 Mar 2017 22:28:12 +0800 |
March 28, 2017 11am-12pm ET. Via webinar or in Washington, DC. (Source:

Overweight young men 'more likely to get severe liver disease'
Tue, 21 Mar 2017 23:45:00 +0800 | NHS News Feed
Conclusion This cohort study aimed to assess whether a high BMI in late adolescence is associated with an increased risk of severe liver disease and liver cancer in later life. The researchers generally found a higher BMI was associated with an increased risk of severe liver disease, including liver cancer. A diagnosis of type 2 diabetes during follow-up was associated with a further increased risk of severe liver disease, regardless of BMI at the start of the study. This study included a very large population, and has used reliable sources of data for medical diagnoses and cause of death. But there are limitations to address: A study like this isn't able to prove higher BMI in late adolescence is the cause of severe liver disease – it can only suggest this as a possible explanati...

Antenatal screening in Europe: How to avoid mother-to-child transmission of infections
Tue, 21 Mar 2017 11:00:00 +0800 | EurekAlert! - Medicine and Health
(European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)) Transmission of infections with HIV, hepatitis B, syphilis or rubella from mother to child before and during birth as well as in infancy still occur across Europe -- despite existing prevention methods. A new ECDC report outlines the cornerstones for effective antenatal screening programs across the EU/EEA countries. (Source: EurekAlert! - Medicine and Health)

Angola: More Than 100 Children Vaccinated in Talatona
Mon, 20 Mar 2017 19:28:11 +0800 | AllAfrica News: Health and Medicine
[ANGOP] Luanda -One hundred and eighty children were vaccinated in the municipality of Talatona against measles, hepatitis B and yellow fever, the municipal health director of Talatona, Luciana Guimar ães, announced Sunday. (Source: AllAfrica News: Health and Medicine)

TWINRIX (Hepatitis A And Hepatitis B (Recombinant) Vaccine) Injection, Suspension
Fri, 17 Mar 2017 12:00:00 +0800 | DailyMed Drug Label Updates
Updated Date: Mar 17, 2017 EST (Source: DailyMed Drug Label Updates)

RECOMBIVAX HB (Hepatitis B Vaccine (Recombinant)) Injection, Suspension
Fri, 17 Mar 2017 12:00:00 +0800 | DailyMed Drug Label Updates
Updated Date: Mar 17, 2017 EST (Source: DailyMed Drug Label Updates)

ENGERIX-B (Hepatitis B Vaccine (Recombinant)) Injection, Suspension
Thu, 16 Mar 2017 12:00:00 +0800 | DailyMed Drug Label Updates
Updated Date: Mar 16, 2017 EST (Source: DailyMed Drug Label Updates)

Uganda: Residents Shun Hepatitis B Vaccination
Wed, 15 Mar 2017 14:21:10 +0800 | AllAfrica News: Health and Medicine
[Monitor] Sembabule -Sembabule District residents have rejected the ongoing Hepatitis B testing, treatment and vaccination on grounds that it is expensive. (Source: AllAfrica News: Health and Medicine)

Sat, 11 Mar 2017 00:52:00 +0800 | What's New at CBER
Active immunization of persons 18 years of age or older against disease caused by hepatitis A virus and infection by all known subtypes of hepatitis B virus (Source: What's New at CBER)

How Hepatitis Became A Hidden Epidemic In Africa
Sat, 11 Mar 2017 00:47:05 +0800 | Healthy Living - The Huffington Post
This article was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article. -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website. (Source: Healthy Living - The Huffington Post)

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