Emergency Contraception Singapore

Emergency Contraception Singapore: Emergency contraception is a treatment that allows a female to reduce the risk of getting pregnant if commenced soon after unprotected sex. It usually involves the consumption of pills within 72 hours after exposure.

Emergency contraception is a type of treatment that involves the application of an emergency contraceptive like the morning after pill which is taken soon after unprotected sex to reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancy.

It is useful in situations of contraceptive failure:

Advice / points to note about emergency contraception:

  • The emergency contraceptive is more effective the sooner it is taken after sex.
  • There are mainly two formulations available:
    • One formulation is effective up to 3 days after unprotected sex.
      • Within 24 hours, it prevents 95% of pregnancies.
      • Between 24-48 hours, it prevents 85% of pregnancies.
      • Between 48-72 hours, it prevents 58% of pregnancies.
      • Up to 5 days after intercourse, it has progressively decreasing effectiveness.
    • Another formulation is effective up to 5 days after unprotected sex.
  • It is recommended that it should not be used more than twice in a month.
  • Other methods of regular contraception are usually recommended: condom, oral contraceptive (OC), and contraceptive patch.
  • It may cause a temporary disruption in the rhythm of the regular menstrual cycle. But if the next menstrual cycle does not come, then a pregnancy test should be done.
  • In a few people, it may cause some of the following side effects:
    • Headache
    • Dysmenorrhoea
    • Nausea

Important points to note:

  • The morning-after / day-after emergency contraceptive is not available over the counter.
  • It is available only by prescription, after seeing a doctor.
  • Boyfriends cannot consult with the doctor on behalf of his girlfriend.
  • The girl herself must register to see the doctor.
  • The girl must be 16 years of age or older when the sex occurred.
  • Do not ask if we know of other clinics providing this medication. We are not a directory service.
  • It is in stock at this clinic, NOW!


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