Moderate Masturbation is Good for the Male Reproductive System

For the first time in the field of research, a study was carried out in Taiwan on the effect of masturbation. The act of self-stimulation for sexual pleasure is one issue that society shies away from discussing. So conservative are some people about the act that some parents seek some form of medical solution to their sons who may express interest in masturbation.

The study found that despite the perception people have on masturbation and the myths around it, 96% of men and 65% of the women who participated in the study reported that they have masturbated even at least once in their lives. A director at the hospital in Taiwan where the study was carried out further revealed that 84% of the married people engaged in masturbation as opposed to 76% among single people. According to the study, the longer the participants have been married or had one sexual partner, the higher the number of those who self-masturbated on a regular basis.

The Facts and Myths on Masturbation

The Taiwanese believe that masturbation, which they sometimes refer to as “firing the pistol”, may lead to premature ejaculation, infertility and possibly an enlarged prostate. The director at the hospital, however, states that physiologically, masturbation is just like having sex and it is just another way to meet natural sexual needs.

On the myth that regular masturbation may cause excessive or premature ejaculation, the director puts the facts straight by saying that premature ejaculation is caused by stress, low serotonin level and other emotional factors, besides ageing and chronic disease.

Regarding the myth that sexual self-stimulation may cause infertility, he added that masturbation can actually have a positive effect on sperm motility and quality as well as increasing the chances of conceiving.

Masturbation is also believed to cause testicular cancer, prostate enlargement, hair loss and kidney deficiency among other issues while in reality it actually helps eliminate unwanted bacteria from the body while reducing the chances of needing prostatectomy in later days. Whereas others believe that masturbation and baldness have an association, the director added that there is no link between the two but rather the male-pattern balding is an effect of low testosterone.

Another don in the field of Sexual Education highlighted that increased libido, stimulation of production of dopamine and other neurochemicals which help in reducing tension and anxiety as well as the production of oxytocin which helps in improving the quality of sleep are some of the factual benefits of safe and healthy masturbation.

He advises however on avoiding too much of masturbation which may result in dry ejaculation and recommends that it should not be done more than twice a day in order to sustain production of appropriate seminal fluid.

For those who believe that masturbation has nothing good that comes from it as well as those who may have the fear of a negative psychological impact, maybe the information above may help make them aware of its myths, facts and benefits provided it is done in moderation.

Source: Taipei Times, 13 December, 2016