5 Ways to Help your Partner with Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction also referred to (ED) can cause a lot of emotional stress and anguish to patients. The devastation caused by ED not only affects the man but his partner. This could be a very sensitive issue to deal with for both partners.

The best way to go about it is to understand that ED is not the man’s fault and neither is it his problem alone. Together, you can work out on a way to handle the condition without affecting your relationships. If your partner is suffering from erectile dysfunction, here are five things you can do to help him:

1. Find Out the Cause of ED

The first reaction to the news that your partner has ED is to blame yourself for it. The truth is, no one is to blame. Not you and not your partner is to blame for the condition. There is a combination of causes of ED and you’re not one of them. You might yourself thinking that he’s not attracted to you anymore or that he’s bored with you, but that’s rarely the case. So don’t beat yourself up about it. Instead, go with him to the doctor and find out the real cause of his condition. This will make it easy for both of you to deal with it.

2. Talk About it

Being able to talk about the condition and how it’s affecting each one of you is a good place to start in your partner’s recovery process. Your partner will recover faster if he feels your love and support. So talk to him about the condition, how it’s making him feel and what his concerns are. Often, he will feel embarrassed about it so make him feel comfortable to talk to you about it.

3. Try Something New Sexually

When ED sets in, your sex life will definitely change. It will become necessary to change things up if you want to keep enjoying a satisfying sex life. Once you’re aware of the root cause of the ED and are comfortable to discuss it with each other, then you can now get back to the basics and slowly build your intimacy from there. When working on your sexual satisfaction, begin by trying to enhance arousal. This will mean getting creative with foreplay, probably read or watch something steamy together, or simply try you haven’t done before that will get you both excited.

As you try to work on your sexual intercourse, remember to lay off the pressure and don’t emphasize a lot on the penis. You should consider other techniques such as massages and sex toys. This will require that you’re both open and able to communicate about what you enjoy most. Then you can repeat what is working in your next session.

4. Be Patient with Treatment

Your visit to a physician will probably end up with a suggested treatment method. If the cause is psychological, your doctor will recommend talking to a psychiatrist. If the cause is physiological then your partner might have to take pills. No matter the type of treatment given, encourage your partner to be patient and give it time to work. It could get a bit frustrating because the erection won’t happen as fast as you’d both want it to.

5. Encourage Him to Eat Right.

A healthy diet goes a long way to help alleviate the effects of ED. The trick is to encourage expansion of blood vessels that then stimulates blood circulation, especially to the penis. This is great for preventing premature ejaculation. There are many foods that you should encourage your partner to add to their diet including green leafy vegetable, tomatoes, bananas, oyster, shellfish, nuts, among others.

Remember that your partner is having a hard time already blaming himself for it. So to help them recover quicker, give him your full support.

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