Reasons And Cure For Premature Ejaculation For A Happy Life

Premature ejaculation or PE is a form of male dysfunction in sexual capability for men. Many men face this problem. So, there is no reason to think that you are alone. There are many causes for premature ejaculation. The psychological factors include sexual inexperience, too much novelty in a relation, stress in the relationship, over-excitement, and anxiety or too much stimulation. Causes can also be depressions, guilty feelings, and issues with intimacy and control. Even early trauma can be a cause for PE. Apart from these, medical causes like alcohol and drugs, diabetes, high blood pressure and others can also lead to PE.

Symptoms And Consequences

The most common symptom of PE is that discharge occurs before it is wanted. It also results in frustration, dissatisfaction and causes distress. There are some secondary symptoms as well. The interpersonal difficulty, loss of confidence in partner and relationship on the whole, embarrassment, mental stress, anxiety, depression and much more are the other symptoms. The consequences of premature ejaculations are as bad as the disease and its symptoms. Lowering of confidence and self-esteem, shame and feeling down like a failure can be killing. General dissatisfaction leads to frustration, which in turn makes you worry about your partner’s feelings.

Tips To Deal With It

There are several ways to deal with the problem. As the problem affects the mental state of mind more than the physical side, it is essential to be compassionate, compatible and understanding. The most important factor is to understand the anxiety of the partner. Try to talk about the problem and figure a way out. Discuss the positive aspects about sex, and its difference with just being sensual. It is best to treat and behave normally towards, and not to shame or abuse each other, as that might have an altogether adverse effect on the relationship as a whole.

Ways To Control It

There are several ways to control premature ejaculation, and you must know the right way to control it. You can try out the pause and squeeze technique with the help of your partner for a start. You can also use self-help techniques to delay ejaculation like masturbating before having sex. Another effective way is to change the regular position of having sex. The new position can also delay your ejaculation. You can go for counseling with or without your partner too. Medications like sprays and creams, which are available over the counter, could also be of great help sometimes.

Get Medical Help

If you feel that all techniques have failed, you can go for medical help. There are several techniques for treating premature ejaculation, but you have to know the mechanism first. For treating PE, the best treatment is to correct your focus. Too much thinking and concentration on sex and sexual organs can also lead to premature ejaculation. So correct it. Collect all the information on premature ejaculation and control your performance anxiety so as to delay ejaculation. Lastly, you are the master, and you have to take control of the sexual act altogether. Make it enjoyable, take your time, and use right mechanisms to get the ultimate in pleasure.