Why Men Don’t Talk to Doctors about Erectile Dysfunction

Very few men get help for erectile dysfunction (ED) even though it is a very common condition especially among men who are 40 years and above.

Fewer men are aware that ED is normally a sign of a more serious condition and how important seeking help is. ED is normally an indication of diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, hypertension, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other serious conditions.

Most men will only seek help when their wives are trying to get pregnant and they can’t, necessitating both husband and wife to go for a checkup.

Many men will observe that they have difficulties holding an erection but will often not want to talk about it even with a doctor. They don’t consider it a health issue that needs medical attention.

Skipping Care Putting Men’s Lives at Risk

Several studies have shown a link between impotence and health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease etc. For instance men with type 2 diabetes are more likely to suffer from impotence. Men with impotence are twice as likely to suffer cardiac arrest compared to those without ED.

Diabetes impairs nerves and blood supply therefore, making it hard for a man to achieve and hold an erection for long. The more men remain ignorant about the dangers of impotence the higher they are at risk of dying.

Treating ED involves treating the underlying cause of the condition. So if a man seeks medical attention the doctor will test him for any of the medical conditions associated with ED hence saving his life.

Societal Norms Affecting ED Discussion

Men have macho attitudes which make them feel invisible and self-reliant. Society has also always treated men as stronger and in less need for support. This then makes it hard for men to admit that they need assistance and instead try to deal with ED on their own.

Doctors are also to blame for the inability for men to talk about ED. Doctors do not talk about ED with men who are at high risk of suffering from the condition such as diabetes patients. Doctors are encouraged to talk to male patients about ED even if they are not there for ED treatment.

They should talk openly with men especially those above 40 years old about ED, symptoms, causes and treatment to make it easy for them to talk about it should they find themselves with the condition.

The more doctors make ED a normal topic of discussion the more educated the men will be and the more open they will be to seek medical attention should they need it.

What Men with ED Should Do

If you are 40 years old or above, suffer from any of the conditions we have mentioned above, don’t wait until the condition kicks it. Start educating yourself about it now. Talk to your doctor about ED whenever you go for check up.

If you are already suffering from ED seek immediate medical attention. You are also encouraged to reduce your alcohol intake and quit smoking. These two habits damage your blood vessels affecting blood flow to your penis.

There are various types of treatments and each method depends on the underlying condition causing ED. Treatment methods include oral medication, injections, penile implants and natural remedies. Never self medicate, always follow your doctor’s advice.

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