Herbal Supplements to Treat Erectile Dysfunction? All the Facts you Need

People across the globe have come up with different treatments for erectile dysfunction. People in China, Africa and other cultures have erectile dysfunction supplements as well as natural remedies that they have been using for a long time while most people in Europe tend to choose to use prescription medications.

Natural remedies, however, have not been tested or studied in comparison to prescription medication. The side effects are abundant and differ as the amount of active ingredient used also varies from one product to another.

Below is a guide on all what you need to know about erectile dysfunction supplements and herbs. The herbs are in 3 different categories;

Herbs that have Shown Positive Results and are mostly Safe

  • DHEA

Dehydroepiandrosterone has evidence showing that it increases sex drive in women and helps men with ED. It is generally considered to be a safe herb. The common side effect of DHEA however is Acne.

  • L-arginine

When taken in high doses, L-arginine is known to improve erectile dysfunction by stimulating the blood vessels which then open wider, thus improving the flow of blood to the region.

  • Ginseng

A study done showed that ginseng improved sexual function in men with ED. For premature ejaculation, a preparation cream is used. Ginseng has many active ingredients hence its use is only advised for a short period. Lack of sleep or insomnia is a known common side effect of the herb.

  • Propionyl-L-carnitine

When combined with Viagra, studies have shown that there is a slight chance that it might improve erectile dysfunction. For safety purposes, it is advised to be used under medical control.

Herbs that have Shown Positive Results but are Dangerous

  • Yohimbe

Clinical trials have been done on the herb giving evidence of its bark to improve sexual dysfunction. Its side effects include high blood pressure, fast or unbalanced heartbeat and anxiety. Yohimbe should never be used without the supervision of a doctor.

Herbs without any Evidence of Safety or Harm

  • Ginkgo

Though there is evidence of the herb to increase blood flow to the penis, there is no evidence of its assistance for erectile dysfunction. There is an increased chance of bleeding when ginkgo is used.

  • Horny Goat Weed (epimedium)

The herb has not been studied in people. However, extracts from its leaves have been used to improve sexual performance. Even so, there are chances that the heart’s function may be affected.

In addition to the above-named herbs, there are people using nonprescription products that are said to be herbal forms of Viagra. These products may have dangerous and detrimental side effects due to the unknown amounts of ingredients used to make them.

The Food and Drug Administration has taken steps to ban many of these products. However, some dangerous erectile dysfunction ‘treatments’ are still available in the markets.

Many men shy away from disclosing their erectile dysfunction conditions and may, therefore, look for treatments without involving medical practitioners. However, the least these men can do is to find out how the treatments they want to use work and their side effects.