Combating Erectile Dysfunction: A Healthy Lifestyle

When we’re aging, we usually think of getting saggy and wrinkled, with some sort of arthritis all over our body and even some mild form of dementia. But along these conditions, one very obvious one that may affect ageing men is Erectile Dysfunction. No one likes the thought of dismal performance in the bedroom, not even at old age. Yet this is a very well-studied condition with a lot of potential solutions.

One may imagine tons of reasons that cause Erectile Dysfunction, but according to Charles Walker, Yale University’s co-founder of the Cardiovascular and Sexual Health department, Erectile Dysfunction is directly related to poor cardio-vascular health.

A lot of men presently choose poor lifestyles which harm their health. While they may not see the effects now, these choices affect their sex life in future and it thus creates some very disappointing episodes in the bedroom.

To counter this, a radical shift in lifestyle is mandatory:

1. Embrace a healthy diet

A lot of the health problems we have today are directly correlated to what we ingest. This is also true of the above. Basically, any food that is bad for the heart could be bad for the penis.

Healthy Diet

With this in mind, it is probably best to avoid foods high in cholesterol and saturated fats, while consuming plenty of vegetables. Water is part of a healthy diet.

2. Limit alcohol consumption

Too much alcohol is known to lead to immediate problems with getting an erection. ‘Whiskey dick’ is a common term among the late-night revelers.

Usually this is fixed naturally as alcohol leaves the system. Continuous heavy intake of alcohol will however cause permanent damage to your loins. You might want to put a cap on your intake now for your future investment.

3. Avoid smoking

The effects of cigarette smoke are known to be potentially fatal. This is not limited to the lungs, and it will also affect your sexual health.

Nicotine destroys the blood vessels which supply blood to the penis. It also causes contraction of the arteries. It is estimated that smokers are more than 50% prone to erection difficulties than non-smokers.

4. Sleep

Often, the value of sleep is overlooked. Quality rest is necessary for a healthy balance in our system. This also applies to sexual health. Less than 5 hours of sleep reduces the testosterone levels.

With low hormonal juice, this is bound to interfere with bedroom performance. So, not sleeping enough? Change your pattern immediately and get some nice sweet recovering sleep.

5. Avoid stress

Nothing kills the sexual life than stress. Psychological stress increases the adrenaline levels, which causes the blood vessels to contract.

This limits blood flow to the penis, causing difficulty in erections. Managing stress is therefore not only good for your mental health, but also for your sexual health too.

6. Get regular exercise

How often do you work out? Did you know that regular exercise helps to reduce stress and boosts your mood? On top of that, it also increases your libido and overall sexual performance. The best thing you can do is therefore to get out of your couch and go out jogging.

If you care about your sex life, taking good care of yourself is necessary. Get rid of your bad habits and embrace new ones that will lead to a healthier you.