Infographic: Vital lifestyle tips to improve your sexual health

Sexual health is an indication of the quality of life you have. A healthy sex life can reduce your stress, enhance your mood and strengthen your relationship. Eating healthy food is essential to improve your stamina and improve your sexual health.Chillies, bananas, garlic, and onions are good for air circulation. Avoid smoking as much as you can. Smoking reduces the blood circulation rate within the body which has an adverse impact on fertility. Performing cardiovascular exercises can improve your sexual health remarkably.

Avoid stress under all circumstances. Stress increases blood pressure and which has a negative impact on your libido. Verify your weight. Keeping a check on weight will help you to avoid heart diseases, diabetes, and blood pressure. Make sure that you get good sleep. You might feel exhausted because of the lack of sleep which can have an impact on your sexual health.

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