Warning Signs of Erectile Dysfunction

You may have noticed a recurrent decrease in your sex life, and in particular in your erections. They may have become less potent, and you may last shorter in bed than you used to. You may very well be affected by Erectile Dysfunction!

This condition essentially means that your erections lost in quality and length because of a psychological or physiological factor (or even both). Here are some warning signs:

1. No more morning erection

Early morning and night-time erections occur because your brain releases less noradrenaline, the hormone that keeps you from walking around with a hard-on all the time, during sleep.

Morning Erections

They also indicate that your blood vessels which take blood to the penis are working smoothly.

If you notice a decrease in the frequency of erections, this is definitely something to look into.

2. Sex isn’t on your mind as it used to

Let’s be honest. Men think about sex a whole lot. Perhaps more than is considered normal. Yet, as human beings, these thoughts are actually quite natural. What might be a problem, is if you’re no longer excited about it like you used to.

Premature Ejaculation Survey

This could be because your testosterone levels are lower than normal. This is the hormone that gets your sex drive going. Besides a reduced libido, other indications of inadequate levels of this hormone include fatigue, mood swings and difficulty in building muscle.

3. High cholesterol or blood pressure

Both of these can be damaging to your blood vessels, causing them to lose their elasticity. This means they can no longer dilate easily, leading to restrictions in blood flow to your penis.

High cholesterol is anything higher than 240 mg/dl. High blood pressure is anything higher than 130/80 mmHg. A one-time high reading is probably nothing to freak out about. But if repeated visits to your doctor yield the same results, this should be quite alarming.

4. Swollen or tender gums that bleed easily

Gum disease is not directly related to erectile dysfunction. However, it can lead to inflammation in your body which could damage your blood vessels. This may then affect your sexual health and contribute to Erectile Dysfunction.

5. Your stiff rod is just not what it used to be

You may not be having trouble getting hard and staying that way, but you may have noticed that the quality is not the same. This can actually be the first stage of Erectile Dysfunction.

There isn’t a prescribed period of time considered the optimal level. Nor is there a prescribed low. Anything that is basically below what you are used to should be your warning sign.

6. Sleep deprivation

This causes testosterone levels to drop and can make you more anxious or stressed. These will definitely kill your libido and contribute to a poorer sex life.

Take note of the warning signs early enough so they can be mitigated. Even while your bedroom affairs are up to speed, be observant of any changes to ensure a healthy sex life free from Erectile Dysfunction.

Talk to a Professional

You can always talk to a sexual health professional like Shim Clinic if you have any questions or for a diagnosis. At the same time it is also good to do a general health checkup as well as STD testing if you have been having sex with different partners recently.