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Gonorrhea Symptoms Singapore.

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Gonorrhea Symptoms Gonorrhoea - pus discharge from male sex organ

The signs of gonorrhoea appear between 2-10 days after sexual contact with an infected person.

These include:

  • pus discharge from the penis
  • yellow, bloody vaginal discharge
  • painful burning sensation during urination.

Gonorrhoea discharge is infectious. A person with gonorrhoea can infect others through sexual contact.

The signs of gonorrhoea may disappear without treatment, but the germs are still present in the body.

If not treated, gonorrhoea may lead to:

  • Infertility - Gonorrhoea may damage the reproductive organs.
  • Blindness in the newborn - During childbirth, an infected mother can pass gonorrhoea to her newborn baby, causing eye infection.