Top Myths and Facts about Erectile Dysfunction

More men are shying away from opening up about suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) mainly because of stigma that still surrounds the condition.

ED is the inability to get or hold an erection and almost every man will experience ED at some point in their life especially as they grow older.

Even though ED has been discussed widely and information on the condition is readily available there are still so many misconceptions and myths associated with ED.

Dismifying Top Myths about ED

Myth 1: Only old men suffer from ED.

There is a huge believe that ED only affects old men. This is largely a reason why younger men won’t seek medical attention for ED as they don’t believe inability to hold an erection is a health problem.

Truth: Although studies have shown that more older men are at higher risk of ED, the truth is any man can suffer from erectile complications regardless of their age. Medical conditions, such as diabetes, kidney disease, obesity, heart disease among others as well as lifestyle behaviours such as smoking may increase a man’s risk of developing ED even if they are young.

Myth 2: You must get ED in your old age and must learn to live with it

Truth: Not every man is supposed to suffer from ED. It is true that ED is more common in older men but it does not necessarily mean that every man will experience it. ED is also treatable no matter the age of the patient and old men should not be expected to ‘accept and live’ with it but should seek immediate treatment.

Myth 3: Erectile dysfunction is not a life threatening condition

Truth: Erectile dysfunction is normally and indication of a serious underlying condition such as heart disease, kidney disease, hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, low testosterone, among others. These conditions are life threatening.

Myth 4: ED is determined by how attractive your partner is

Truth: Research has shown that there is no connection at all between a partner’s attractiveness and the ability to have and hold an erection. Lifestyle practices such as high alcohol intake, smoking, depression and anxiety are more likely to cause erectile dysfunctions.

Myth 5: ED cannot be cured

Truth: An erectile problem is not a life time condition and can indeed be cured. There are various methods used to treat ED the most common one being oral drugs such as Viagra. Other methods include injections, vacuum pumps, surgery and natural herbs.

Myth 6: Erectile dysfunction only affects your sexual life

Truth: Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction not only have sexual problems but also suffer from other conditions such as anxiety, low self esteem and depression.

Myth 7: ED affects men only

Truth: Women will not suffer from ED but are also affected if they are dealing with a partner having erectile problems. The relationship is strained by the condition and female partners will often suffer low self esteem and depression due to feelings of inadequacy.

Myth 8: Only Viagra can cure ED

Truth: There are many options available for curing ED and not every patient is recommended to use Viagra and other PDE5 inhibitors as they may worsen their underlying health issues.

Don’t fall prey to these myths. Know the facts about ED and make sure that you seek treatment should you suspect that you are suffering from ED it might just save your life!