HIV PEP Can Save Rape Victims In India; Chem Sex Has Impact On PEP and Condom Use

HIV PEP Can Save Rape Victims In India

A 3-day movement was started in Mumbai, India, to spread awareness of the use of HIV PEP as a preventive measure for rape victims from getting infected by the HIV virus. Several medical professionals and institutions took part in this movement. Although it is an established fact that the chances of a rape victim being infected by the virus is extremely low when treated within 8 hours of exposure, the treatment is not provided or mandated at a national level in India. This is what this movement is trying to change.

Dr Ishwar Gilada, who is the president of the AIDS society of India, was reported as claiming to the press in India that if a rape victim is given PEP treatment immediately, chances of infection can go down to as much as 100%. This movement comes after the recent rise in rape incidents in India. There were a reported 36735 rape cases in 2014 – statistics given by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) statistics. Gilda said that HIV PEP therapy should be prescribed in addition to trauma care. The initiative to request for this medication should be made by both the relatives of the victims as well as law enforcement.

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Chem Sex Has Impact On PEP and Condom Use

A study was made in London on the drug usage and sexual patterns on men who have sex with men. They study was made on 874 male participants who used the services of a chemsex support service provided by the busiest STD Clinic in London, the 56 Dean Street clinic. Chemsex is the act of using a variety of recreational and, mostly illegal, drugs to remove any sexual inhibitions as well as increase arousal and desire, resulting in periods of sexual intercourse that may last for days. One of the more popular drugs used is crystal meth.

Data collected from the survey revealed that 70% of the men who attended the clinic used drugs in all their sexual activities during the last six months. They had no recollection whatsoever of what sober sex feels like anymore. This shows a worrying dependency on drugs by these individuals for sex. In the group of men being studied, 32% of them were HIV positive, out of which 42 of them were not being treated with antiretroviral therapy and 64% of them did not use condoms during sexual activities.

For the remaining HIV-negative men, forty percent used condoms less than half the time and ten percent reported no use at all. 30% of these men were medicated with HIV PEP once at least during the last 2 years while 25% had taken the medication up to 10 times. Interest in PrEP treatment in this group of men who engage in chemsex is extremely high while a third of them do not that know such a treatment exist.

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