Men in London Suffering the Most From Erectile Dysfunction in the UK

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common problem especially among men above the age of 40. 20 percent of the population in the UK suffer from ED. A new report has shown that London has the highest number of men suffering from ED in the UK.

ED, also referred to as impotence is a condition that causes problems in getting and maintaining an erection. Statistics show that one in ten men across the worldwide are reported to suffer from this condition.

40% of Men in London Suffering from ED

The report shows that London represents 40 percent of men suffering from ED while Wales has the least numbers with 12 percent.

There are many known causes of ED including physical, psychological issues and lifestyle problems.

Physical issues cause more than 70% of ED cases. These include diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, kidney issues, high blood pressure, obesity etc. Excess alcohol intake and smoking, illegal drugs, and some prescription medicines, are other popular causes of erectile problems.

Londoners Ignoring the Condition

Experts also revealed that 72% of men in London ignore erectile dysfunction even when the signs and symptoms are there. This is higher than in other parts of the UK. majority of those ignoring the condition are millennials.

By ignoring the condition, they also don’t seek treatment leaving them suffering for years despite the fact that ED is curable.

ED is a major condition that many men in London are refusing to address because they consider it an embarrassing illness that they do not want to acknowledge or talk about.

Men are finding it difficult to talk about their health issues, not only with their partners, but with medical professionals too.

Many couples are facing problems in their relationships because the men don’t want to open up about their sexual problems. This leaves their partners at a very vulnerable position.

While ED by itself is not life threatening, if the cause of the problem is a health issue, ignoring it could only make the health issue worse and put your life at risk. It’s therefore, important to acknowledge that you have the condition and seek proper medical advice.

Ways to Prevent or Manage ED

Lose weight

Obesity and being overweight is a common cause of ED because it drains your physical stamina thus affecting your ability to have sex. Losing about 6 to 10% of your body weight could do wonders to your sex life. It will lower your cholesterol levels and improve your blood glucose.


You don’t need to be a gym rat but adding simple exercises such as walking, jogging, cycling etc. to your daily routine will improve your overall health. Physical exercise is also a great way to increase the supply of nitric oxide in your body. Nitric oxide enhances blood flow thus improving your sexual functioning.

Stop smoking

If you are a smoker you may be at high risk of suffering from erectile issues. When you stop smoking you enhance your cardiovascular wellbeing and enable sufficient supply of nitric oxide in your body.

ED is curable but treatment starts but talking about the condition, examining the cause of the condition and taking the right medication. Granted, talking about your sexual health is pretty difficult, but it may just be the only way to get your sex life back so do it today.

Visit a Sexual Health Clinic

Visiting a sexual health clinic like Shim Clinic in Singapore and consulting a medical professional will set you on the right direction in diagnosis, and treatment options.