Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the inability of a man to maintain an erection. It can either be that the erection is not firm enough for having intercourse or it can be the fact that the erection can’t be maintained for a sufficient amount of time and the man is unable to ejaculate. Erectile dysfunction or ED was also called impotence but the current name is more adequate for the disorder it describes.

At some point or another in life almost all men are very likely to experience such erectile problems. They are nothing to worry about if they happen rarely because they might be caused by external factors like exposure to stress or fatigue. ED is only considered a medical problem if a man experiences difficulties in more than half of his attempts to have intercourse.

Erectile dysfunction can cause innumerable problems in a couple and can really affect the relationship between two people. The one experiencing such problems needs to receive utmost support of his partner and also needs to be understood and treated seriously. This is especially required when the major cause for erectile dysfunction is due to psychological problems such as the feeling that the partner is no longer attracted to you or other negative feelings. Lack of support can aggravate the problem.

Erectile dysfunction is a dreaded condition faced by many unfortunate men. Not only is he unable to fully enjoy sex himself, he is also unable to provide sexual gratification to his partner. One can seek Erectile Dysfunction Help in Singapore, but before that know the causes:

Depression: Depression not only reduces your interest in sex, it severely affects your ability to perform during sexual intercourse. Depression produces a biochemical component that makes it difficult to develop and sustain an erection. Not being able to perform well or up to expectation in bed can worsen the depression in men and in turn can propagate the erectile dysfunction problem. It is a vicious cycle.

High blood pressure: Good blood circulation to the penis is important to develop and sustain an erection. If you suffer from high blood pressure, it probably means that the blood vessels are damaged in the body making them less able to transport the required volume of blood to the penis quick enough for an erection to take place. Making healthy lifestyle changes such as eating more healthily and getting more exercise can help to lower your blood pressure so that you can enjoy your life further.

Cycling: Long distance biking has been proven to increase your risk of erectile dysfunction. Sitting for a prolonged duration on a bike exerts pressure on the nerves and arteries that transport blood to the penis. These arteries may become damaged over time resulting in hampered blood flow to the penis which causes the dreaded condition.

Drugs for hair loss: Certain medication for treating hair loss may produce undesirable side effects including erectile dysfunction and loss of sexual drive in men. These drugs cause reduced level of testosterone which is the male sex hormone responsible for maintaining a healthy sex drive. This hormonal change in the body may lead to the inability to develop an erection in men.

The other major reasons are advancing age, heart disease, diabetes, cigarette smoking and alcohol. Over masturbation can also cause several sexual problems and erectile dysfunction is one of them. So, consulting the concerned doctor is advisable in order to improve people’s sexual health.

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