Medical Conditions Associated with Erectile Dysfunction

A condition that most men find hard to talk about in Singapore is Erectile dysfunction (ED). For this reason most men keep suffering in secret. Moreover, they blame themselves for the condition.

What most people don’t know is that ED is not a condition that occurs independently but rather one that is as a result of another health condition. Suffering from ED does not mean that your sex life is dead forever, neither does it mean that you cannot get cured. The truth is that ED is easy to treat once you figure out what underlying health problem is causing it.

Let’s take a look at some of the common health conditions associated with ED:

1. Vascular disorders

Vascular disorders are conditions that affect the veins. Vascular disorders include heart disorders, atherosclerosis, high cholesterol levels and hypertension. 70% of ED patients suffer from vascular disorders

Vascular infections are contemplated 70% of erectile dysfunction patients as the infection prevents sufficient flow of blood within the penis. Blood circulation is important in holding an erection.

2. Diabetes

This is another very popular cause of ED. Diabetes causes harm to your nerves and blood vessels resulting in impotence. Diabetic patients are therefore, at a higher risk of suffering from ED issues.

3. Hormonal conditions

If a man has low levels testosterone they could easily suffer from ED. Low levels of testosterone cause low libido and sexual urge making it hard to gain an erection and stay erect.

4. Kidney infection

Kidney infections cause chemical changes in the body affecting hormones, nerves and blood flow. When this happens, patients tend to lose interest in sex.

5. Neurological infections

The sensory system is an important influence on getting and holding an erection. Men suffering from neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, multiple sclerosis, and a damaged spinal cord tend to suffer from erectile dysfunction.

6. Hypertension

Hypertension often causes blood vessels in the penis to contract limiting blood flow to the penis consequently causing an erectile issues.

7. Stress

ED is not necessarily caused by a physical condition. Psychological issues such as stress are also a common cause of erectile issues.

8. Obesity

Being obese or overweight has for decades been associated with erectile dysfunction. This is because the patient lacks physical stamina and carries an unhealthy self-perception. Losing just 10% of the excess weight could easily enhance sexual performance in most patients.

9. Peyronie’s disease

This is a condition that occurs as a result if scar tissue (plaque) that occurs inside the penis. The plaque affects bloodstream causing erectile dysfunction.

10. Prostate cancer

Cancer of the prostate is not a cause of ED but the treatment received including radiation, surgery and hormone treatment can cause problems in achieving or holding an erection.

11. Surgery

Having pelvic or prostate surgery could cause harm to your nerves and tissues required to achieve and hold an erection.

12. High cholesterol

High cholesterol levels affect you sexual ability because cholesterol can block up your blood vessels preventing blood from flowing efficiently to your penis.

There are many ways to cure erectile dysfunction but the success of each method depends on correctly identifying the health problem causing ED in the first place.

Talk to Your Sexual Health Doctor

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