5 Incurable STDS and How To Stay Healthy In Case You Have One

There are two types of common STDs, those that are curable and those that are incurable. For curable STDs, you simply need to go for STD testing at a local health clinic and once they are sure which infection you have they’ll put you on medication immediately, then the STD will clear after some while. Curable STDs include Syphilis, Chlamydia, Yeast Infection, among others.

Incurable STDs, on the other hand, are the infections that cannot be cured but whose symptoms can be managed. Treatment is also available to ensure that such STDs are not transmitted from one person to another. Let’s take a quick look at 5 of incurable STDs and what you need to do to stay healthy in case you get infected with either.

1. HIV

HIV is one of the most prevalent incurable STDs, but a lot of research to find a cure is ongoing. HIV attacks your immune system weakening it to a point where it cannot fight off other diseases. HIV has currently claimed around 35 million lives worldwide since the pandemic started in the 1980s. Advancement in medicine has seen many live longer and healthier lives with the virus thanks to the discovery of antiviral medication that greatly helps to manage HIV symptoms.

2. Herpes Simplex

Herpes is a very prevalent skin condition that is not curable but can be managed. There are two types of herpes virus, the more common HSV-1 and the HSV-2. HSV-1 is mainly in or around your mouth and is normally referred to as cold sores. HSV-2 attacks your genital area. Unfortunately, herpes is difficult to spot as you can be living with it without any symptoms. Later stage symptoms include fluid filled tiny painful blisters. There’s daily medication available to reduce herpes symptoms.

3. Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

HPV, also referred to as genital warts, can also cause cancers such as cervical cancer. There’s a vaccine available to prevent HPV. For those infected, there are ways to manage your symptoms including medical procedures to freeze warts, changing your diet, taking supplements and herbs, and avoiding stress.

4. Gonorrhea

Gonorrhea was previously a curable STD, but unfortunately, it’s quickly becoming drug resistant. This means that it might be hard for you to get treatment even if you’re taking medication. Most people won’t show symptoms, but those who do, experience vaginal itching, burning sensation when urinating or having sex and a yellow vaginal discharge. If you have these symptoms go to an STD clinic for antibiotics that will relieve them.

5. Hepatitis A and B

This is a bloodborne virus that affects your liver. There are three types: A, B, and C. Hepatitis C is now curable but the other two are not. You can, however, get vaccinated to prevent them. Your body will usually clear both Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B in a few months. However, there are people who develop chronic Hepatitis B, which does not clear off. There are medications that help prevent the virus from damaging your liver.

The Bottom Line

Getting the news that you have an STD is devastating and more so if it’s the incurable type. The good news is that it’s now possible to live a pain-free life even with the virus thanks to medications and regimens that help to manage symptoms and prevent ruining your life. So don’t freak out — just ensure you go for STD testing regularly and manage your health!

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