Young with Erectile Dysfunction? Here’s how to get over it.

Erectile Dysfunction can happen at any age

When we think of erectile dysfunction, we picture old men with walking canes. When we hear of Viagra, we imagine the Hugh Heffner type of old geezers who need a boost to get the old machine running. But more degenerative problems today are affecting younger people. ED is no longer an exception. Up to 25% of new patients are now under 40 years of age.

For older men, the condition is most likely triggered by atherosclerosis (clogged arteries), high blood pressure, or diabetes.

In younger men, it is most likely to be only temporary, unless there is physiological nerve damage, or deep psychological issues. Nonetheless, this provides little comfort.

Why is it becoming prevalent in young men?

ED is increasingly becoming common among younger men due to certain behaviours and lifestyle practices including:

Increased pornography viewing

Dr Morgan Francis, a sex therapist, suggests that this can result in a loss of hype for real-life sexual interaction. This is because the brain’s dopamine levels are constantly diminished from over stimulation.

A study from Cambridge University has found that the brains of compulsive pornography users react in a similar way to stimulus as alcoholics or drug addicts ( CHANNEL 4/Dr Valerie Voon )

An interesting study by the Naval Medical Centre in San Diego, found that porn does not affect women’s sex drives. It does for men, however.

3% of the men of the 300 men and women sample claimed they would rather watch porn than have real sex. Dr Joseph Alukal, an Urologist at New York University suggests that this may be due to the unrealistic expectations set up by porn.

Heavy drinking and drug use

The UK for instance, has the highest rate of cocaine use among young adults in Europe. This coupled up with booze can cause blood vessels to constrict, limiting blood flow to the penis.

Drugs, Alcohol and Cigarettes are a threat to erection.

Marijuana smokers are also at risk

Dr Justin Lehmiller, of Ball State University, Indiana, suggests that daily smokers are 3 times more likely to suffer from ED than non-smokers.

Smoking weed can also affect erection

Smoking weed can also affect erection

Before you light up that joint, you might want to think about the long term effects to your manhood- despite what pop culture may have to say of the effects of the drug on the quality of your sex life.

Junk food

This is loaded with cholesterol and bad carbs. These increase blood pressure and will clog your heart and arteries. For the sake of your sex life, back away from the bag of chips slowly.

Psychological elements

Sex is as much a part of a man’s overall well being as is anything else. Stress and anxiety will dull the nervous system, which is required to spark arousal. Cortisol and adrenaline, which are released when under stress, may also constrict blood vessels.

Stress is a factor

Stress is a risk factor that can cause erectile dysfunction


Communication with your partner and therapy is crucial. It helps to deal with the psychological effects of ED which would only make the condition worse.

The most crucial thing for young men is that they change their lifestyles and embrace healthier cultures.

ED is no longer an old man’s problem. It is affecting young men as well, mostly because of unhealthy lifestyles. Do away with all the negative elements to ensure a healthy sex life for you and your partner.