Uses and Functions of STD clinics

Sexual health clinics specialize in the prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted infections. Sexual health clinics also known as STD (sexually transmitted disease) clinics perform a variety of operations. However, they are a source of birth control help and some clinics offer reproductive services.

Some of the services offered by STD clinics are as follows:

  • Information about safe sex, reproductive health concerns, birth control and general sex education.
  • They provide contraceptive aides and birth control pills to customers.
  • They also carry out tests and exams to determine if a person has been infected or carries STDs.
  • And they provide medicine and antibiotics to cure syphilis, chlamydia and gonorrhoea as well.

Once an STD has been detected, STD clinics take firm steps to counter the disease. They provide medication and vaccinations for the benefit of STD affected patients.

Further support services offered by STD clinics include:

  • For people who are illiterate and do not understand the severity of STDs and its effects, clinics also provide counselling and education.
  • STD Clinics also carry out tests to determine pregnancy, although they tend not to get involved with birth abortions.
  • Smaller STD clinics can also be contacted for referrals to larger clinics or hospitals.

As STDs are sensitive issues to patients, clinics try to be as discreet as possible, and may even inform the affected patients anonymously.

Public or non-profit organisations offer discounted fees to poor people or people who cannot afford treatment of their disease, and sometimes even treat the patients for free, depending on their ability to pay.

Although you won’t find many quacks in Singapore, it never harms to be extra careful. Do a thorough research of the clinic you wish to visit. Also, get in touch with the clinicians, if necessary. Ask for appointments, which would suit both you and the doctor. STD clinics often offer their services without appointments and if there is an emergency, you may have to rely on them.

With the consent of the patient, STD clinicians carry out various tests and exams to check whether a person is indeed infected. This may involve taking swab samples from the patients’ private parts. Many clinics allow the patient to choose a female or male clinician per their preference.

The clinician may inspect the patient’s:

  • Throat and lymph nodes of the neck for inflammation
  • Pubic hair for lice
  • Lymph nodes of the groin for swelling
  • The clinician may also ask for a small urine sample, given in private, to test for chlamydia and gonorrhoea.

The inspections and taking of samples don’t hurt, but swabbing the urethra and cervix, and a finger prick for the blood sample may cause the patient to feel slight discomfort.

Women will often receive a pelvic exam, both external and internal, but one that is usually less extensive than a reproductive health exam.

Medical Confidentiality: Medical confidentiality is an important part of the medical ethics of a Doctor–patient relationship. Sexual health clinics follow local standards of medical confidentiality to protect the privacy of patients.

If you are looking for an STD clinic in Singapore, you won’t have to look far as most of the clinics have operational websites online to cater to the modern patients’ reading habits.

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