STD Testing Can Give You the Answers You Need

The worst, most unthinkable thing has happened to you. You were having a blast at a party with your friends, dancing, and having a few drinks, when a handsome guy came up to you and started making small talk. Being that you spend the majority of your time with your head in your books, preparing to graduate from college, you decided to take this one night to just chill out and enjoy spending some time getting to know someone new. He was exciting. He spoke of recently obtaining his pilot’s license and his trips across Europe with his friends. He seemed like a really respectable guy, and as you were talking to him and dancing, you remember thinking that you couldn’t wait to call your sister and tell her all about this night and this cute guy. You thought about how she probably wouldn’t even have believed you because that’s how much of a bookworm you are. The last thing you remember was he asking if you’d like a drink, and you nodding, “yes.” Now you’ve woken up in a pile of blankets on an unfamiliar basement floor. And you’re naked.

If this story sounds familiar to you, or you were ever in the type of situation where you can’t remember if a partner used protection during a sexual encounter, or maybe you know he (or she) did, but then it broke, there is something you can do to find out if you’ve contracted an STD. There’s a great clinic that provides a wide range of STD testing for both males and females right here in Singapore. You choose just how extensively you’d like to be tested, and the prices are more affordable than you might think. But really, when it comes to knowing whether you’re potentially carrying a life changing sexually transmitted disease, you can’t put a price tag on that.

In some cases, STDs can rob you of your fertility. Sure, you might not be thinking about children yet, but the odds are good that at some point in the future, you might want children. It’s not worth it to forego a simple test that can help you curb the effects of a disease that can take that choice right out of your hands. Many STDs are treatable and even curable if found in time. Others, such as HIV, can mean a life sentence. It’s important; not only to you but also to any future sexual partners you might have, that you get tested as soon as possible after an unfortunate, unprotected sexual encounter. You might not only save or extend your own life but the lives of anyone else you might have sex with in the future.

STD testing in Singapore can give you peace of mind you need. If you were the victim of a sexual assault, it’s bad enough that you’re going to carry the horror of that around with you for the rest of your life. You don’t also want to carry around a constant reminder of that incident in the form of an untreated STD. Get tested today!