STD: Getting Tested with Your Partner 101

It is pretty obvious that you should go for STD testing, especially when you get a new partner, right? Truthfully speaking, how many of us go through with this?

It is very easy to just stuff that small voice somewhere in the corners of your mind. Other times you just forget. Soon it becomes months, even years, without knowing the state of sexual health.

Sometimes what you need is a responsibility partner. Your friends may be a good rock of support, but at the end of the day you are alone with your fate. So, who’s better for this job than the one you are sailing the same boat with?

As awkward as it may perhaps be, getting tested with your partner is one way in which you could both protect your sexual health.

How can it help?

For starters, there is no room to lie. Let’s admit it. We’ve all lied about having been tested once or twice. We were foolishly believed. But, if both of you go to the clinic together, well, let’s just say next time you shall be speaking the truth and nothing but the truth.

Misery loves company. If you fear that everything might not be perfect down there, there’s a small consolation. Your partner probably has what you have. If you need a crying buddy, there’s no better person.

Your word is binding. There is no way for you to back out from getting tested if you already committed to it. I mean, what excuse could you possibly have?

Pointers to note before going for STD testing

While it is not always advisable to pry into one’s entire sexual history, some bits of it might be relevant. You can discuss your previous sexual encounters, from the point of view to discover if there might be any shadows from the past to haunt you.

I think I would rather hear that my partner hooked up with a total stranger in a bar from the comfort of my house, than at a doctor’s clinic. Wouldn’t you?

Agree to the fact that you might both be guilty of a few things and do not hold it against each other. Judgement and criticism could actually be a barrier against getting tested together and even sharing of results.

The tests will be different

While some tests might be similar, e.g blood tests for HIV, others may vary slightly. Men are not generally tested for HPV.

After the test

Discuss your results openly. The whole point of going together is for there to be transparency in your sexual relationship.

Do not lower your guard

A clean bill of health is not license to go wild with your proclivities. Not having infections now does not mean you cannot get them in future. Always practice safe sex.

Make it a habit

To keep your accountability in check, get tested together regularly. This way, you’ll be able to keep track of your sexual health as a team. Especially if its a partner that you are going to get married to.

Been putting off getting tested? Call up your partner and book an appointment today. Make it a habit. Guard your sexual health together.