Getting Over the Fear: Encouraging Men to Regularly Check Their Sexual Health

Let’s face it, gents, looking after your health is often easier said than done. Mentions of doctor visits, medical tests, or even simple check-ups can fill us with apprehension. But there’s one area where regular check-ups are simply non-negotiable – your sexual health. It might initially sound daunting, but regular sexual health check-ups are key to staying on top of your wellbeing, and trust us, they don’t need to be as scary as they sound. Swallow that lump of worry, and embrace the importance of regular screenings. Together, we’ll uncomplicate the process and calm your fears.

Understanding the Fear: Uncovering Men’s Apprehensions about Sexual Health Check-ups

It’s understandable that the myriad of available check-ups may sound intimidating, but in reality, they’re straightforward procedures designed to keep you healthy. You’re not alone if prostate examinations, tests for sexually transmitted infections (STI), or cholesterol checks send shivers down your spine. Such reactions are normal — but acknowledging them is the first step towards taking charge of your sexual health. Remember, these routine screenings play a significant role in preventing diseases such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and HIV/AIDS, especially if you’re at a higher risk due to lifestyle factors or family history.

Another common concern is the age at which these checks become necessary. Yes, requirements do change as we age, like getting tested for chlamydia yearly through age 24 if sexually active, or men starting their cholesterol checks at age 35, unless at high risk. But instead of viewing age as a looming deadline, think of it as a guide to maintaining optimum health. Also, remember that it’s not just about age. If you are sexually active or have a high-risk lifestyle, you might need to schedule check-ups more frequently; so take the time to discuss with your GP the best screening tests and frequency for your specific circumstances.

Check-ups Demystified: What Actually Happens During a Sexual Health Screening

Imagine this: you’ve made the wise decision to stay on top of your sexual health and have made an appointment for an STD test. However, you may find yourself feeling slightly apprehensive about the unknown. Not to worry, we’re here to guide you through what to expect.

A standard STD screening typically involves a consultation, a physical examination and various lab tests depending on your sexual history and symptoms. Let’s break this down into an easy-to-understand sequence.

Consultation: This is fairly straightforward and involves talking to a healthcare provider about your sexual history and any symptoms you might be experiencing. Remember, honesty is key in this step, to ensure you get the right tests.

Physical Examination: Depending on your symptoms, the doctor might perform a physical examination. This could include checking for genital sores, discharge, or any other symptom that calls for attention. Keep in mind that physical examination is not always necessary; it’s only carried out when the doctor finds it pertinent.

Lab tests: This might involve blood tests, urine samples, or swabs from possible infection sites. In sexual health clinics, the primary focus is typically on HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B, chlamydia and gonorrhoea tests. Other STDs, like herpes, are usually diagnosed based on symptoms and physical examination. Some tests provide immediate results, while others will be sent to a laboratory, with results returned within a week or so.

We hope understanding the process removes some of the uncertainty and potential worry you might be feeling. Remember, going for regular sexual health check-ups is a responsible and crucial part of maintaining good overall health. So congratulate yourself on taking this important step!

In light of all we’ve discussed, perhaps it’s time to put aside any lingering apprehensions and take a proactive role in safeguarding your health. Don’t forget, prevention is indeed better than cure, and that’s where Shim Clinic comes in. Offering various sexual health screenings, Shim Clinic is your trusted ally in maintaining optimum sexual health. So why wait? Take the first step today—click here to book your appointment at Shim Clinic. Your future self will thank you.