Interesting News: In 2016 Japan Used Sailor Moon To Help Fight Syphilis

Japan is experiencing a surge in new cases of syphilis making the medical world speak up about this common sexually transmitted disease (STD).

While the rates in Japan are not nearly as high as in other countries around the world such as America, there is panic over the surge of complications from syphilis in the country. This is especially among young women.

Looking for a Savior

Interested parties are doing all they can to help women stay safe from syphilis by encouraging them to get tested regularly and get treatment as soon as possible.

Known for its love for comics and superhero characters, it’s no wonder that the country is turning to Sailor Moon, the beloved Pretty Guardian of love and justice to help women stay protected from the STD.

The company rolled out a campaign in 2016 featuring Sailor Moon’s face on condoms, flyers, and other sex education intending to encourage young women to get tested for common STDs including syphilis.

May young women are not getting tested leaving them at risk of developing complications from STDs such as syphilis. Due to lack of treatment and proper management the women continue to spread the STDs unknowingly. This makes the fight against the infections harder.

In early 2017 the Japanese health ministry formed a special research team that was tasked with finding ways to prevent the rampant spread of STDs in the country.

From records posted by various hospitals in Japan, 5,259 cases of syphilis were reported between January and December 2016. This was an increase of 77% from 2,412 cases reported during the same period in 2015.

Adult Entertainment Industry a Big Cause of Surging Rates

The ever booming adult entertainment business in Japan is a huge cause of the rising cases of infections. Other causes including evolving sexual behavior among Japan’s youths as well as an increased number of tourists from countries with high rates of infection such as the US.

The campaign hopes that by seeing the soldier’s face, the women will be fully aware of looming infections and complications that arise from these infections.

The use of the superhero may seem absurd but using Sailor Moon is a great way to start talking about STDs in a more relaxed and fun way that will make more people comfortable to participate in the dialogue.

What is Syphilis?

Syphilis is an infection transmitted through sex. In its early stages, the infection may cause minor sores on genital or other areas. These disappear naturally and may often go unnoticed.

As the infection transitions to the secondary stage, the patient then develops rashes on their palms and soles of their feet. Again, these symptoms disappear after a while.

If left untreated, syphilis causes body inflammation and may eventually cause brain and heart damage. You can easily get treated for syphilis by taking penicillin but the earlier you start treatment the better for you.

Using condoms is one of the most effective way of protecting yourself from getting infected with any STDs including syphilis and HIV.

Increased education and public awareness on the nature of STDs, transmission, prevention and cure is necessary because many people still remain ignorant of these serious infections.

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