Hoope, the New STD Testing Ring

If you have multiple sexual partners, you probably realize that you’re running the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease. We’re talking gonorrhoea, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, and syphilis— diseases known for their extremely uncomfortable and sometimes grotesque symptoms. If you’d prefer to avoid the embarrassing and painful side effects of these STDs, you need to protect yourself. You also need a convenient way to get tested if you suspect you may already have an STD. You could visit Shim Clinic in Singapore for testing, or you could invest in a Hoope, a new STD testing gadget.

How Do I Use Hoope?

First, you start the electric pulse generator built into the ring. That numbs your skin in the immediate area where the ring will take the sample.

Next, push the button on the ring. The needle will pop out and draw the tiny blood sample. Capillary action carries the bit of blood straight to the chip within the ring, which acts as an integrated lab, right inside the device.

How Does Hoope Identify an STD?

There are four micro-fluidic channels inside that miniature lab section. Each channel contains different antigens, which are entities that grab onto antibodies associated with an STD. For example, if your blood contains antibodies associated with syphilis, the antigens in the syphilis chamber latch onto those antibodies and capture them. A successful capture triggers an electrochemical reaction inside the ring.

If an electrochemical reaction occurs for any of those four channels, the tiny electronics within the ring interpret that data and relay it immediately to an app on the user’s smartphone. The app translates the data for you and lets you know which sexually transmitted disease, if any, the ring has detected.

What Should I Do If I Have an STD?

Suppose the ring detects that you have chlamydia. The associated app on your phone will tell you about the diagnosis, explain symptoms and complications, and recommend a nearby location where you can seek treatment. If you find out that you have an STD, don’t be embarrassed. It happens to many people, and as long as you get the necessary medical help, you’ll be fine. Rather than waiting it out or trying to treat it on your own, see a doctor immediately. Professional medical attention is the best way to ensure that you return to health swiftly.

Can I Use Hoope Again?

The Hoope is a one-time use device. It’s not safe or sanitary to try to use it for multiple people. You’ll need to purchase another one if you need to perform another STD test.

What Other Ways Can I Get Tested?

If you’re not interested in the Hoope, or unable to get it in Singapore, Shim Clinic is your best option for reliable, discreet STD and HIV testing. We offer comfort and confidentiality so that you can quickly provide the sample and be on your way, no questions asked. Once we have the results of the test, we’ll let you know immediately so that you can begin any necessary treatment. Don’t wait to get tested! With most STDs, early detection is key to quick and effective treatment. Call or visit today to get back on the path to good health!