Combat Erectile Dysfunction with these simple steps!

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is when a person has trouble achieving and maintaining an erection, while having sex. This occurs mainly due to poor blood circulation or other physical conditions like fatigue. Almost all men experience ED in some point in their lives, but it can result in to a major problem if left untreated.

It may cause low self-esteem and relationship problems if left untreated. However, ED can be treated and cured, following some simple steps, such that it never occurs again.

Some of the basic steps one can take to treat ED are as follows:

  1. Increase level of physical activity. Poor blood circulation owing to sedentary lifestyle is one of the major causes of ED. You can improve your level of blood circulation by exercising every day. This will reduce chances of acquiring ED drastically. Studies show that even walking for 30 minutes a day will reduce chances of being affected by ED by 40%.
  2. Individuals should maintain a healthy diet. Eating nutritional food at properly regulated intervals will help regulate and maintain sexual health.
  3. Saturated fats, fried food, and processed sugar should be avoided as they will clog your arteries, which may lead to ED. Eating more vegetables and fruits will keep your cholesterol low, and improve blood circulation.
  4. Strengthen your pelvic muscles: These muscles help to retain blood in the penis during erection. Weak pelvic muscles allow this blood to escape, resulting in Erectile Dysfunction. You can strengthen these muscles with a few basic routines or exercise suggested by your physician. E.g. Kegel Exercise
  5. Quit smoking: Smoking results in poor blood circulation, and makes it difficult to get and maintain an erection. Quitting this nasty habit will improve blood flow and improve overall health.

These are a few simple life hacks an individual can use to get rid of ED, and its occurrence.

Treating ED medically:

  1. Schedule a visit to the doctor: There could be several reasons why you have been afflicted with ED and the doctor will help you narrow down possible reasons by performing a quick and thorough check-up, at the clinic.
  2. Prescribing medication to treat ED: The doctor may prescribe medication to help you combat this disease. Some of the common medication to treat this disorder could be Viagra, Stendra etc.
  3. In some men, low testosterone could be a reason for ED. Replacing and receiving external testosterone through hormone therapy could be another remedy for those with low testosterone.

There are many other methods which can be used to treat ED. Sometimes ED is more of a mental battle and affects individuals with low self-esteem. Many therapists advise people to stop thinking and dwelling on the problem much. For many men, it is a once in a blue moon occurrence and should be brushed away as such.

Try to be more intimate with your partner and try to take sex slowly instead of rushing through it.

If you have additional questions of how to deal with ED, and need further assistance, feel free to contact the local physician and he/she will be glad to reach out to you with a solution.