6 Reasons Why You Should Go for Regular STD Testing

The rate of STDs spread in ever increasing. According to new study, 70% of people who are sexually active assume the importance of STD testing.

It is important that you undergo STD testing at one point in life if you cannot manage regular testing. This is because any people who have undergone sex including those who might not be considered as “high risk” could easily get exposed to STDs.

Despite the high rate of STD infection, most people are still not aware of the importance associated with regular testing. Here are six reasons why you need to undergo STD testing on a regular basis.

1. Helps save Relationships

No one would imagine of having a cheating partner. Even people who are in monogamous relationships can have STDs acquired from previous relationships though they do not know until the symptoms worsen and start blaming each other. However, all these can be resolved get tested for STDs before being involved sexually. It will be beneficial in the long run for you to get tested for STDs.

2. It Is Quick and Easy

The process of STD testing is quick and easy. You do not have to be subjected through any form of pain nor are needles involved. There are tests that just involve urine sample while others involve swab of saliva sample. It is possible to get tested in privacy at your home in case you are not comfortable with going to an STD clinic. There are STD testing kits you can buy online in case you are interested in testing yourself at home.

3. Most of the STDs are Curable

Most people usually have the perception that STD is a death sentence as it used to be a few decades ago. Never be ashamed of having an STD since any person can have it. Most of the sexually transmitted diseases are treatable today hence it is advisable you find out if you are suffering from any to help treat it before it worsens. Never shy away or fear from knowing if you have been infected since there are treatments and cures available in most of the STD clinics.

4. Even Virgins Do Have STDs

Even if you are having sex with a virgin, you can never be certain that they do not have the disease. There are STDs that are transmitted through skin to skin contact. In fact, there are sexually transmissible conditions such as oral herpes which can be transmitted to family members who have casual affection to each other.

5. Most Diseases Have Same Symptoms

Most of the STD symptoms are usually similar to symptoms of other diseases such as loss of energy, fever, weakness, cold sores, etc. You can always confuse the symptoms for something else until you get tested.

6. An Indication that you Respect your Sexual Partner

Getting tested for STDs is also an indication that you have an open, accurate and honest relationship with your sexual partner about risks in engaging in sex and importance of practising safe sex.

There is no way you will disclose your STD status to your partner unless you have all undergone STD testing. Though it is a great idea to practise safe sex even in low risk situations, it is always nice to make informed choices concerning your sexual health. You can never tell whether someone is infected with an STD just by looking or depending on what they do. The only you way can reveal your STD status is by getting tested. Though the results might not be 100% perfect, it is far more accurate than depending on assumptions and guesswork.