4 Ways You Can Avoid or Prevent Std Diseases

The sexually transmitted disease or STD is quite dangerous as they can lead to other deadly diseases and also can cause death. You should always have sex with proper protection if you want to avoid any STD. You may have unprotected sex with your partner only if both of you are having sex with each other only.

It is necessary for you also to conduct a test to ensure that both of you do not have STD. You need to check this every six months to be sure before proceeding forth with any sexual intercourse.

STD symptoms include rash, as well as genital sores that are quite painful. Symptoms also include having an acute pain during the urination. You may even notice genital warts or fleshy cauliflowers growing near the genitals.

Sometimes, it is even hard for people to notice any of these symptoms. It does not mean that they do not have any infection. The only way you can identify this is by doing a test to be sure that you are free from the infection.

It is, therefore, necessary for people to know how they can avoid STD entirely. Following are some of the guidelines that are listed below that can be of great help in preventing it.

Use Condoms Correctly: One of the best ways to avoid STD is by using a condom during the sexual intercourse. You should preferably use a latex condom during the act. You should not remove it during the act for any reason.

In case, you are using a lubricant it is essential for you to use a water-based one. Using condom is one of the effective ways to avoid an STD. It, however, will not guarantee that you will not get the STD. You should mainly know how to use the condom correctly. You should, therefore, study the booklet that is given with the condoms to understand how to use it.

Get the Shots: One of the best ways to avoid getting the infection, you should take Hepatitis B injection. You need to take three shots of this vaccination or follow the instructions that the doctor provides.
Hepatitis can be very deadly when not treated well. Hence, getting this shot will help you in overcoming it. You can be safe from this virus that is fatal.

Get Regular HIV Test: It is essential for you to check for HIV to ensure that you are not infected. You need to do this test on a regular basis when you are having sexual intercourse with strangers. It is not a good thing to have sex with strangers without proper protection.

Do Not Share: If you and your partner have a habit of sharing towels, you should stop it immediately. One of the best ways to prevent STD from spreading is by using your towel after the shower. No matter how much you love you, partner, you should avoid sharing towels. You should also wash your genitals before and after the intercourse.

Identifying the STD symptoms and taking proper precaution can help you in successfully preventing the infection.