4 Things to Indicate to You That You Are Suffering From STD

Sexually transmitted diseases are also called or more popularly known as the STD. These are infections that can pass from one person to another through sexual contact. Almost 25 of these infections exist, and some are quite deadly. One can get STD when they have sexual contact via the anal as well as vaginal or oral sex.

Horrifyingly, as per one of the reports that WHO has released, more than one million people get STD every day. Most of them do not experience any of the STD symptoms and thus are unaware that they can transfer the infection to others.

If you do not take care of STD, it can lead to cervical cancer, liver diseases, and pelvic inflammatory diseases.If you have some STIs, it increases your chances of getting HIV which can lead to AIDS. It is, therefore, necessary for you to identify the symptoms and take care of your health. These are some of the symptoms that you will suffer if you are a male.

Symptoms of Chlamydia: It is one of the bacterial STD that you can get when you have sexual contact. It is one of the widely spread STD among the men. People who suffer from this infection do not show any symptoms. Only a few people get the symptoms that too after many weeks.

Some of the common symptoms that you will get is an acute pain while urinating. You may also have a penile discharge, or in the worst case, it causes swelling of the testicles. Some less common symptoms that you will also get is a rectal pain as well as discharge or bleeding.

Symptoms of Gonorrhea: Now this is one more bacterial infection that can adversely affect your anus, throat or urethra. This infection transmits when you have anal, vaginal or the oral sex with the person who already has the infection. It is one infection wherein you will not find any symptoms.

The typical symptom that sufferers can feel is pain during urinating. It is not uncommon for you to observe a green, white or a yellow discharge that comes out of the penis. You might also know if you have this infection if you see testicles swollen or if it is painful. You might also note rashes all around the testicles.

Symptoms of Hepatitis B: Hepatitis B virus can cause this infection and one can note a lot of symptoms all around the genitals. The worst part about this infection is that it can cause severe inflammation in the liver. It is possible for you to get the infection when you come in contact with the blood or its fluids of a person who already this condition.

This particular infection can damage the liver even though you do not see any symptoms. Those who get symptoms can also get a cold or flu. Some of the common symptoms that one can get are a loss of appetite as well as feeling lethargic.

These are some of the STD symptoms one will face if they have got infected with one of the three infections.