STD Stigma in Singapore Still Prevalent. Here’s How We Can All Change That

While Singapore offers reliable and modern STD treatment options (including HIV management), society is still lagging behind when it comes to de-stigmatisation. Prejudices still abound, especially when it comes to HIV-positive individuals. The government is trying to change the situation but lasting progress is also dependent on the effort of every single Singaporean.

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What Happens When You Visit a Sexual Health Clinic for the First Time

Singapore has excellent sexual health clinics that offer an array of screening, consultation and treatment services. Unfortunately, many people are afraid to visit due to social stigmatisation and personal insecurities. If you’re planning a first visit to a sexual health clinic and you’re hesitant about it, the following guide will teach you the essentials.

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COVID-19 Circuit Breaker Period

During the COVID-19 Circuit Breaker Period, from 2020 April 7th to June 1st, the following are the lists of services which are ongoing and deferred: Essential services ongoing. Call before coming.: STD screening, testing and treatment (A2, A17) HIV screening, testing and treatment (A2) HIV Pre-exposure prophylaxis (A2) HIV Post-exposure prophylaxis (A2, A3, A12) Rabies post-exposure… Continue reading