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The Biochemistry – Blood tests in Singapore may be done at Shim Clinic. Whatsapp us to check for availability and arrangements.

Biochemistry – Blood
ALB Albumin 6mL Plain $10
A_G Albumin/Globulin Ratio 6mL Plain $20
ALP Alkaline Phosphatase 6mL Plain $10
ALT Alanine Aminotransferase 6mL Plain $10
AMYL Amylase 6mL Plain $12
AST Aspartate Aminotransferase 6mL Plain $10
HCO Bicarbonate 6mL Plain $10
BILT Bilirubin, Total 6mL Plain $10
CA Calcium 6mL Plain $10
CL Chloride 6mL Plain $10
HDL Cholesterol, HDL 6mL Plain $15
LDL Cholesterol, LDL (Calculated) 6mL Plain $20
CHOL Cholesterol, Total 6mL Plain $10
CHE-RBC Cholinesterase, RBC 3mL EDTA $69.4
CHE-SER Cholinesterase, Serum 6mL Plain $65.2
CRP C-Reactive Protein 6mL Plain $30
HSCRP C-Reactive Protein, High sensitive 6mL Plain $30
CK Creatine Kinase 6mL Plain $10
CREA Creatinine 6mL Plain $10
EGFR Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate 6mL Plain $10
GGT Gamma-Glutamyl Transferase 6mL Plain $10
GLO Globulin 6mL Plain $20
GLUF Glucose, Fasting 2mL Fluoride $10
GLUR Glucose, Random 2mL Fluoride $10
HBA1C Hemoglobin A1c 3mL EDTA $20
HCY Homocysteine 6mL Plain $70
IRON Iron 6mL Plain $10
IP Phosphate, Inorganic 6mL Plain $10
LDH Lactic Dehydrogenase 6mL Plain $10
MG Magnesium 6mL Plain $15
K Potassium 6mL Plain $10
PROT Protein, Total 6mL Plain $10
NA Sodium 6mL Plain $10
TRIG Triglycerides 6mL Plain $10
TIBC Total Iron Binding Capacity 6mL Plain $20
UREA Urea 6mL Plain $10
UA Uric Acid 6mL Plain $10
VITD Vitamin D, Total 6mL Plain $120

TaT* – Turnaround Time is in working days.

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