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The HAEMATOLOGY tests in Singapore may be done at Shim Clinic. Whatsapp us to check for availability and arrangements.

_BASOPHIL Basophil Count (Absolute) EDTA 3ml $10
ABO Blood Grouping (ABO & Rhesus) Plain 4 ml $10
DC Differential Count EDTA 3 ml $10
_EOSINOPHIL Eosinophil Count (Absolute) EDTA 3 ml $10
ESR Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) EDTA 3 ml $10
HB Haemoglobin EDTA 3 ml $8
HBH Haemoglobin H Inclusion Bodies EDTA 3 ml $15
INR International Normalized Ratio Citrate Tube $25
_LYMPHOCYTE Lymphocyte Count (Absolute) EDTA 3ml $10
MP Malaria Parasite EDTA 3 ml $12
_MICROFILIARIA Microfilaria EDTA 3 ml $15
_MONOCYTE Monocyte Count (Absolute) EDTA 3ml $10
_NEUTROPHIL Neutrophil Count (Absolute) EDTA 3ml $10
PCV Packed Cell Volume EDTA 3 ml $8
PTT Partial Thromboplastin Time Citrate Tube $20
PLT Platelet EDTA 3 ml $8
PT Prothrombin Time Citrate Tube $20
RBC Red Blood Count EDTA 3 ml $5
RCI Red Cell Indices (MCV, MCH, MCHC) EDTA 3 ml $8
RETIC Reticulocyte Count EDTA 3 ml $15
HBEP Thalassemia Screening # EDTA 3 ml $40
WBC Total White Blood Count EDTA 3 ml $5
TWDC Total White Blood Count & Differential Count EDTA 3 ml $12
# Scheduled Test (Please refer to page 34)
Note (Citrated Tube):

  1. Please let the vacuum tube fill up completely. If using a syringe, take 3ml of blood, puncture the tube and let it fill up to the indicated point. It should take in about 2ml of blood.
  2. Sample cannot be kept overnight.

TaT* – Turnaround Time is in working days.

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INDIVIDUAL Individual Tests $

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