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The Herpes Testing tests in Singapore may be done at Shim Clinic. Whatsapp us to check for availability and arrangements.

Herpes Testing
HS1 Herpes Simplex Type I IgG 2–4 6P $35
HS2 Herpes Simplex Type 2 IgG 2–4 6P $35
VAR Varicella-Zoster (Herpes Zoster) IgG Antibody 2–7 6P $44
EBV Epstein Barr Virus – EA-IgA 2 6P $50
IM Monospot (Infectious Mononucleosis) 1 6P $30
MVM Cytomegalovirus IgM Antibody (CMV IgM) 2–4 6P $72
MVG Cytomegalovirus IgG Antibody (CMV IgG) 2–4 6P $72

TaT* – Turnaround Time is in working days.

We are a men's clinic, mainly attending to men's health, and men's STDs. Occasionally, we add on other tests.
Price(s) are raw lab costs in SG$, subject to GST, service charge, procedure fees, consumables, and consultation fee of SG$68/=.


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